About Us

We are a semi-hardcore World-PvP guild with a strong emphasis on PvE raiding.

We are based in the EU but do have players from NA and other parts of the world with us.

I've answered many questions on our website, so please feel free to review our PvE, WPvP and Socials sections if you're interested in any of those activities. 

We are not yet certain on the raid schedules and times, but we will most likely raid Wednesdays and Thursdays on regular CET times.  

There are no application forms or requirements to join as of yet.
There will be application forms for the joining the raiding team, but those will come into play after people get to level 60.  


If you would like to join, contact us in game on Firemaw EU or add us on Discord: Nymis#2265 or Vorosh#4738