Forward Momentum

With large core of members from the previous private servers and the initiative set in place, Vorosh set his sights on the highly anticipated Elysium server, the proclaimed successor to Nostalrius after the servers were shut down due to Blizzard's intervention.  The enormous hype this incident had caused was too much for a single server to handle and as a result, shortly after launching their firs, Elysium opened a second realm named Zeth'Kur. Persuaded by others to join this second realm in order to play together, a reluctant Vorosh agreed to establish the guild on Zeth'Kur and proceed as he had always done. 

However, the initial deployment of the Kor Kron on Zeth'Kur would also see the rapid climb among ranks of a brand new recruit named Nymis. 

Although initially he sought to form his own World-PvP guild at launch, he saw wisdom in merging his efforts into the historically established Kor Kron and unify the collective Horde effort into a single force bent on bringing the Alliance to its knees. 


Appointed as an Officer initially, he remarked himself on the Three Corners ambush by anticipating the enemy numbers and strategy via census scans as well as the espionage risks due to having an open, unverified Discord server advertised. Although Vorosh did not heed his warnings at first, the defeat which followed the first raid on Zeth'Kur would mark the first out of a long series of advice brought forth by Nymis in order to strengthen Kor Kron's guilds.

Vorosh also agreed to move from a macro-spam style of raiding to a voice comm focused style of leading as well as the implementation of a verification system proposed by Nymis in order to hinder espionage efforts. However, frequent World-PvP raids would continue to go on as they had in the past despite his warnings.

Further raids on the Menethil Harbor would unfortunately prove Nymis's theories right.

The first raid under Nymis's command would occur after a successful Kor Kron raid on Menethil Harbor. Following this, the Alliance organized a counter-raid on Hillsbrad Foothills, and with Vorosh unable to attend it Nymis organized the remaining forces of around 15-20 members, rallied the available reinforcements out in the field and landed a decisive victory against Southshore after 2-3 hours of pushing back and forth.

After this raid however, the problem was becoming more and more apparent - with Kor Kron's lower levels and tactics which involved frequently stacking, the enemy mages who were 10-15 levels above the average of the group could easily tear through the  stacked groups. A new tactic was needed, one that would minimize losses against this impending threat and further maximize the damage inflicted on the Alliance - who had become accustomed to dispersing from the main town in the area at the sight of the Kor Kron presence.

Nymis proposed the implementation of a new style of raiding - initially dubbed "Wolf Packs", this style of raiding would involve an ample large-scale coordination of 5-man parties across an entire area, deploying them at fixed locations and roaming on a predetermined path in order to gank small groups of Alliance players who were trying to level.

This tactic saw an immense success in both Redridge Mountains and Stranglethorn Vale under Nymis's coordination. 
Further initiative was taken to attack the city of Stormwind with a raid group averaging around level 40, with meticulous preparation undertaken to map all the guards and assess each pull the raid was capable of handling. 
Under Nymis's leadership the camping of the Stormwind flight master become a regular occurrence despite Vorosh's initial distrust in the raid's capabilities. Not long after, the Kor Kron scored their first kill on an Alliance faction leader by slaying Mekkatorque and further raids on both the Stormwind and the Ironforge flight masters continued.

In the wake of these events, Nymis was promoted as a guild master to one of Kor Kron's secondary guilds.
However, it soon became obvious that new management strategies were also needed.

Due to Vorosh's mistrust, no Officer was allowed any actual moderation privilege and any sort of change and arbitration became difficult to manage under a leader who was reluctant to give others any sort of power in any of the guilds. The initial idea of having several guilds for recruitment and one major guild in which to gather all of the high-level players quickly backfired due to the fact that inter-guild communication was entirely non-existent outside of Discord. 

Furthermore, Vorosh would have to constantly appoint new Officers in the secondary guilds once they joined the main one - and in some cases, these high level Officers would outright refuse to join the main guild due to their attachment to members of the secondary guilds.
With strenuous and persistent argumentation over many weeks, Nymis managed to convince Vorosh to allow more moderation rights to Officers.
Under his advice, the Kor Kron would employ a new management rank of Overseer - a management rank above Officers, entrusted with privileged moderation rights in order to govern and enforce guild policy - and Nymis, along with two other loyal members, would be appointed to the rank of Overseers. 

Despite all of this, Vorosh was still adamant about preserving the system of secondary guilds and removing any inactive players. The colossal task of managing four different guilds coupled with a busy schedule in real life left a large gap in the management of all four guilds, which Nymis filled in via Discord. Countless hours were spent answering concerns and enforcing guild management policy on top of many heated debates against Vorosh's system of management.

At the wake of organizing our guild's efforts into Molten Core, it became clear that Kor Kron needed a new leadership in order to sustain its ascension.
With the backing of the other Overseers and the main core of Officers, Nymis staged a coup in which he sought to overtake the leadership of the Kor Kron guilds.

A reluctant Vorosh was forced to accept and the Kor Kron guilds became under new leadership.

The Reform

Following the coup, this period marked the rapid implementation of reforms meant to strengthen Kor Kron's guild structure and progress into PvE and World-PvP. 

For recruitment, the emphasis was put on quality over quantity.
Redundant Discord channels were eliminated to facilitate communication and Discord presence was made absolutely mandatory for those wishing to attend raids. All of the secondary guilds were moved into the main guild and recruitment privileges were restricted to Officers and Overseers as well as the more active socials which received a special rank dubbed "War Herald".

Furthermore, requirements to join the guild were added so that only players above a certain level could be recruited in order to reduce the number of inactive accounts by reducing the likelihood of recruiting players who were about to abandon their characters. Purges were done to remove inactive accounts and bring down numbers to realistic assessments.

Forums were restructured and started being utilized to relay important announcements. Shortly after, Nymis would use these forums to publish his guide on "Wolf Packs" method of World-PvP raiding, boosting both the traffic on the forums and the popularity of the guild on the server. 


Raids on Stormwind, Ironforge and Darnassus became favored to lower leveling areas, with almost little to no opposition from the Alliance side.
Arrangements were made to allow a few number of players into joint-MC runs with another guild while the roster was being built and organized, along with more frequent and scheduled UBRS runs in order to gear players for entering MC.

However, a new problem was beginning to emerge and would sadly put all of this progress to a halt - the population of Zeth'Kur had slowly but surely plummeted, from a stable number of 7,000 concurrent players down to under 1,000 on peak days. 


For Kor'Kron, this had a devastating effect on the progress of the guild.
The reform, which had been hastily been implemented after Vorosh's removal, was too late to reverse the damage that had been done.

Recruitment efforts were effectively nullified because all the new players would choose to play on the main Elysium server. 
The players who were ahead of the curve lost their patience and congregated towards other raiding guilds.
Those that remained were seeing fewer and fewer dungeon runs and many of them lost their motivation to play entirely. World-PvP raids were reduced in size down to only 20-30 members and saw a drastic decrease in quality. Under these circumstances, and with the owners of the servers showing no sign of wanting to merge the two servers, Nymis saw no other choice for the survival of the guild but the merging into one of the strongest raiding guilds on Zeth'Kur. 
The idea behind the merge was that it would allow for the Kor Kron players who were able and willing to raid to find a place within an already established and organized raiding team - while in return, boosting the numbers of players attending World-PvP raids with new members.

Unfortunately, that idea did not materialize in its desired effects.
While only a handful of Kor Kron members were accepted and invited to raids, the numbers of new players attending World-PvP raiders was not very significant either. 

It became clear that involvement in World-PvP was, beyond numbers and gear, a problem rooted within the attitude towards the game.
The raiders, for better or worse, did not have any clear incentive to abandon their regular schedule of farming consumables in order to attend World-PvP raids with no loot or gold incentive. Most members of Kor Kron, for better or worse, did not have any clear incentive to abandon their entertaining activities and begin to seriously gear their characters.

We learned the hard way that the premises which lay at the heart of recruitment will shape the community as a whole, and a change in the premises could never easily materialize into a change within the community. Whatever recruitment would have to take place from then on, it would need to account for all future requirements - and the type of player we would want to see grow in our guilds would have to be recruited and built upon joining our guild. 

This unforeseen problem would culminate on the guild's initial efforts at contesting Azuregos, where Nymis took personal charge in organizing the efforts at forming a Coalition capable of contesting world bosses and found his own guild deserting after one wipe in order to acquire world buffs for the upcoming Molten Core raid later that afternoon, which had been on farm for weeks.

Fortunately, it was not long before good news would arrive on the shores of a dying server - a merge between the main Elysium server and the nearly abandoned Zeth'Kur was scheduled to take place and Kor Kron would again see the light of day. 

Diplomatic Maneuvers

With news of the upcoming merge, the guild was again reforged with renewed hope for the future.
Most of the active former members returned to Kor Kron and an unofficial deal was made with the raiding guild whereas members of Kor Kron could continue attending their PvE raids so long they left and joined their guild for their duration in order to be able to log their raids as their own.
Nymis would later leverage this friendship in order to allow for more of its members to attend joint raids in the future on their secondary raid team, and to include them further in the new Coalition which was about to be formed on Elysium shortly after their arrival. 


Before the new Coalition was formed, Kor Kron were appoached by an already established World-PvP guild on the Elysium server in order to facilitate and coordinate events together.

Though they were not as organized and advanced in matters of World-PvP, they had the numbers and reputation to ensure a smooth transition into the politics of the new server. Along with the appointed provisional leader of the other World-PvP guild,  Nymis assessed the political climate of the new server, established the loot rules for the world bosses and proceeded to recruit most of the Horde guilds into a new Coalition on Elysium with the allies from the one on Zeth'Kur.  


In the meantime, although recruitment for Kor Kron had improved on the new serverm the effectiveness of the raids suffered greatly against better geared opposition.

While raids against leveling areas continued to bring Kor Kron in a favorable light on the server, city raids became more difficult as the Alliance presence on the server was beyond the reach of any single Horde guild. Joint guild raids were organized with the other World-PvP guild, but the urgency of seeing a unified Horde would force Nymis to undertake many hours of tedious negotiations with the major guilds on the server. 

After several weeks, he succeeded in creating a coalition capable of contesting Azuregos and restoring some much needed honor to the Horde in World-PvP but betrayal would soon cripple this coalition's efforts. Two of the major guilds in the Horde coalition had reached an arrangement with one of the main Alliance guilds and started trading kills on world bosses with one another. 


With the support of the other coalition guilds, Nymis brought forth this issue to the attention of the game masters on the server with both factual arguments and proof that cross-faction collusion had taken place with the help of infiltrators.

After a few days of constant harassment from the guilds involved in the Coalition, the game masters agreed with Nymis's arguments and cross-faction collusion was banned entirely from the server. This had a non-intended effect of also hitting the established Devilsaur Mafia, which openly relied on cross-faction collusion to be effective. Though they did not disappear from the server, their structure and security had to be adapted in order to continue their operation which had, by the virtue of this new policy, become illegal on the server. 

Despite the loss of two guilds, the major scandal which resulted from the news of this new policy motivated more Horde guilds to take up arms and join the Coalition. Eventually, this Coalition would manage to successfully overcome the Alliance guilds and claim Azuregos for themselves without the help of Alliance guilds, restoring honor to the Horde.

In Absentia

Soon after, the guild would face another challenge in the wake of a major corruption scandal on the Elysium servers. 

After much controversy, it was confirmed that the owners of the Elysium servers were involved in fraudulent actions.
Following this, the majority of the players were forcefully migrated to a newly established server called Light's Hope, but with the population disheartened once again, the Kor Kron faded into obscurity on both Elysium and Light's Hope. The reform had been too late to materialize into effective action, in part due to the corruption scandals, improper management of the servers as well as the private server mindset of new players who would rather wait and demand a fresh new realm instead of playing on one that's been out for a couple of months. 


Following the Classic WoW Blizzcon announcement, Nymis announced his intention to reform the Kor Kron and lead them to their much desired victory. This period would be marked by self-reflection, the acquisition of individual raiding experience, settling matters in real life as well as planning for the establishment of Kor Kron in Classic WoW. 

Shortly afterwards, Vorosh assumed command once more on the freshly released server on Light's Hope called Northdale. The plan now was that Vorosh would harness notoriety and recruit more valuable members while Nymis would take his time to gather lay down the plans for one of the most ambitious guilds in the history of Warcraft.

Many adventures would soon follow the Kor Kron on Northdale. The old friendship we made with the other World-PvP guild on Elysium became sworn arch-nemesis on the Northdale, and many fights ensured between these two guilds. This war would eventually end with the retirement of their guild master, and Nymis himself would assume command of max leveled character and lead the guild into wiping the enemy guild on an ambush in Redridge Mountains after publicly announcing their retirement event. 

With a few members from the older guilds and a few more gathered from Vorosh's final attempt, a small number of members would form the core of the old Kor Kron on Classic. The guild would soon see a significant recruitment boom following Nymis's release of the Manual of War, Vorosh would announce his coming out of retirement to serve as an Officer in the Kor Kron guild on Classic and a new core of capable Officers was chosen with old and new members involved - which brings us to where we are right now, in the present day. 

From the ashes

I believe there are two ways of viewing our guild's history.

One is to look at us as being a bunch of overly ambitious players role-playing on more than they could stomach under a history of repeated failure - and the other is to look at us as pioneers of a new type of guild which seeks to balance all types of activities and interests to achieve victory in places the game never intended us to go. We believe that neither is wrong. Everything you will see in our guild - from the structure down to how we conduct our raids - is the product of repeated failure and tested success. 


We've learned for instance that we cannot have the kind of structured World-PvP we want without investing in PvE raiding. We've learned that the jump from being a casual player to being a PvE raider is hard to materialize, but that the other way around is not likely to happen either.
We've learned the importance of balancing the number of World-PvP raids early in the game as well as recruiting large numbers can work against us.
We've developed new tactics in World-PvP and acknowledged the importance of information gathering to its maximum potential. 
We've learned what it takes to establish guild diplomacy and the importance of working together as a unified Horde.
We've learned how to value each player's unique skills and interests in the context of World-PvP.
We've learned to balance our expectations but also to keep thinking outside the box in order to overcome any obstacles we might encounter. 
With these perspectives, tried and tested over many servers, there is no doubt in our mind that the path towards Classic we will leave a legacy behind that will echo into the history of Warcraft as the world's best World-PvP guild that ever was, and ever will be.