• Nymis

Call to Arms: Molten Core

We're pleased to announce we will be hosting our very first Molten Core raid this Sunday at 7:00 PM server time. Invites will start at 6:30 PM server time and we will meet up in Kargath. There are no requirements for consumables and everyone is expected to bring their raiding spec unless told otherwise. A list of viable specs will be provided in the following days in each class channel. All those who can make it to level 58+ by the end of the week are invited to whisper any Officer in order to be added to the potential roster for this first raid. A final roster for this raid will be posted on Saturday night. All those who are level 50+ are encouraged to group up, grind experience and ask for help from the ones who are higher levels - particularly from Nyle and Dakky who have volunteered to boost guildies through BRD and Maraudon runs in order to acquire pre-raid best in slot items. Please remember to do your attunement quest for Molten Core by Sunday as well and also to start your Onyxia attunement quest as well, both of which can be picked up at level 55. We're planning to help guild members with the Onyxia attunement as well, so stay tuned for further news on that later this week. After last week's raids alongside our coalition, we are confident that we have the sufficient gear and experience to perform well on this raid and clear it. This raiding roster is temporary and will not reflect on the permanent raiding rosters which are going to be formed at 8 weeks after server launch as promised. Players who are not going to make it to level 60 in time should not feel discouraged because it is looking likely that we are going to have 2 raiding teams by the end of the 8 week deadline. It is now more than ever that we need all of our players to step up their game, line up and be counted for our first raid into Molten Core.