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Call to arms: Raid Moon to kill Vaelstrasz

After much thought and consideration we've decided on how to approach Blackwing Lair for Raid Moon. The main difficulty we have is the fact that, on one side, there are very few chances that Raid Moon will be able to clear BWL the next week due to the current setup of the raid. The main challenge for Raid Moon is that we don't have consistent roster, there is still gearing to be done in MC and without a lot of consumables it will be difficult to push past certain fights. On the other hand, we understand that players want to experience new content - especially players who are more PvE progress oriented, and we are in no position to deny them that right.

We've weighed all the possibilities we've had before us and have come to the following decision Starting next week, Raid Moon will enter Blackwing Lair after their regular Molten Core raid. Once you manage to push past Vaelstrasz, we will then schedule a separate raid day for Raid Moon and a few members from Raid Cross might join them to help them clear Blackwing Lair. With that in mind, please review the tactics for Vaelstrasz and Razorgore. In the meantime, we will continue to recruit more players in order to build a stable roster of 40 players. Additionally, for your next Molten Core raid, please start following the recommended specs for raiders and follow the guideline for debuff slots: 1. Curse of Elements 2. Curse of Recklesness 3. Curse of Shadows 4. Sunder Armor 5. Hunter's Mark 6. Faerie Fire 7. Winter's Chill 8. Improved Shadow Bolt / Deep Wounds 9. Shadow Weaving 10. Anihilator 11. Demoralizing Shout 13. Vampiric Embrace 14. Hemmorage 15. Taunt That means, among other things - NO Siphon Life, Corruption, Immolate, Serpent Sting or other debuffs not on that list. We have seen in the past how these debuffs have knocked over other important debuffs (such as Winter's Chill) and our DPS suffered significantly as a result of it. In order to kill Vaelstrasz, you will need all the damage you can possibly get out of that raid, so please be mindful.