• Nymis

Forward to Firemaw!

After a long and anticipated series of considerations and debates we have held over the past few days about our realm selection, we have decided to finally roll on Firemaw PvP

This decision is final and permanent. We apologize to all of those who were hoping we would stay on Shazzrah and we completely understand if they do not wish to be part of our guild anymore. To those who have missed our lengthy debates we have been having over the past days, we certainly owe you an explanation as to why we have decided to step away from Shazzrah, as we'll be going a bit into some behind the scenes details which have been discussed extensively. Why did we initially choose Shazzrah? At the time of release, Shazzrah EU was the obvious choice for us. The rumors were that the streamers and the Spanish were going to be going on Golemagg. Eventually that did not end up being the case, but we stayed on Shazzrah because there were a lot of good guilds and good memes about it. What made us start doubting Shazzrah? I spent many days compiling a list of guilds which will be playing on Shazzrah in order to anticipate each faction's potential, threats and impact in both PvE and World-PvP. With the release of Gehennas and later on Firemaw, we saw many of these guilds leave Shazzrah and that made us concerned for the future of our server. Based on the list I had made, I estimated that around 80-90% of all the hardcore guilds on both factions as well as 30-50% of the semi-hardcore guilds on Shazzrah EU have left the server. Not only that, but almost all of the relevant guilds with a tradition from private servers have stayed away from Shazzrah EU. So why did we ultimately decide to leave the server? In short, we left Shazzrah EU because we were concerned about the future of the realm considering most hardcore guilds had left, because its reputation would likely hinder our recruitment efforts in the future and because the community on the server was very toxic. Ultimately, it boiled down to a few arguments. The guilds We believe that a server needs a stable number of hardcore guilds which are willing to progress within the game up to Naxxramas in order for the server to survive and prosper in the following 2 years. We have more confidence in the already established guilds coming from private servers than in those guilds we know nothing about. Infamous, good and perhaps world first guilds are likely going to put our server in the spotlight and attract new players in the future - which is something we will need in order to ensure our guild's survival. Server reputation It is no secret that Shazzrah has a pretty dreadful reputation. Those who will inquire about the server whether now or in the future will not hear a lot of good opinions about it - as it stands, Shazzrah is known for being overcrowded, for hosting a bunch of racist and toxic people as well as being a "Spanish server". Now all of these might not be true in the end, but with this sort of reputation we believe that Shazzrah is only going to be attracting a niche category of players that we do not wish to associate with in the future. Drama We have recently had a bit of drama with the moderators of the Shazzrah Discord server which resulted in our entire guild getting banned from their server. I don't want to get into the details of this conflict, and I do not wish to overstate how badly it affected as (considering we're advertising on 6-7 other Discord servers), but it's worth mentioning that this has had a minor impact as well on our decision to leave Shazzrah indefinitely.

Why are we going Firemaw? The guilds As it stands, there is a good number of hardcore guilds on either side, both with and without private server experience. Historical guilds with notable members such as <Progress>, <GRIND> and <Keyboard Assassins> are expected to roll on this server, as well as many other respectable guilds with a good population and a healthy attitude are to be expected. Server reputation We anticipate that the competitive guilds on the server will give out a good reputation. At the time of writing this article, there is no outstanding negative or positive reputation associated with Firemaw - and we are fine with being able to craft a good, positive one in the following days/weeks. Queue times Even though we were ready to face any queue times on Shazzrah, it is worth noting that it is less likely for us to suffer from lengthy queue times on Firemaw.


Q: I saw that Firemaw has a Medium realm population for now, why are we playing on a realm that's likely going to die in the future? A: We are expecting the numbers on Firemaw to grow in the following days to where it becomes a "High" population server prior to the official launch. If that is not the case then we are certain that the server will reach "High" population after the launch. We also think that it is far more unlikely for Firemaw to become a dead realm given the good quality and number of guilds announced on the realm.

Q: I believe we would have a better opportunity to grow and make a significant impact on Shazzrah EU among newer, fewer and/or non-established guilds. Why should we want to play among the tryhards and the most hardcores on the continent? A: Our mindset is that we would rather be average in one of the most competitive servers in the EU rather than be among the best in one of the least competitive servers. We have had this experience on private servers before and it was no fun for us. One gank on a world first guild will be worth a dozen ganks on some semi-hardcore guild - and even if we fail in our quest, it is worth noting that the Kor Kron did not shy away from battle, that we stood up and tried to do something against some of the best guilds in the world.

Q: Why not Gehennas? A: We did consider Gehennas, but as it stands we believe there are still far too many guilds on Gehennas. On top of that, we're not fond of the community there because of how they're treating <APES> as a status symbol. I don't mind the guild as much as I mind all the memes and toxicity coming from everyone else on the subject. However, if they do decide to transfer to Firemaw, we'll have the resources and manpower to contest them.

Q: Why are you being so judgmental against Shazzrah? I'm sure that Shazzrah will have good guilds as well in the future and it will do just fine! Most players won't be using Discord anyway. There aren't that many Spanish players on the realm and the reputation thing will not be an issue a few weeks from now. A: I hope so too! However, we cannot leave the future and longevity of the server on a dice roll. As it stands, we do not like the direction in which Shazzrah seems to be going. There will always be pros and cons to any move and choice we make, but in the end we have decided on taking this step based on what we would consider reasonable and factual arguments.