• Nymis

Guild Report#1

Below is a summary of all the guild matters discussed on 5/8/2019

Guild Crafters - Will be chosen among the most trustworthy and willing individuals from our guild a while after the game has launched - A council of Officers and Overseers will decide on who to appoint for which professions. - A list of all recipes which will be desired from guild groups will be formulated in the following weeks - All guild groups are required to send all the recipes from that list to our Guild Bank - Those who are chosen to be our Guild Crafters will receive their respective recipes under the condition that they craft those respective items for our guild members at little to no additional costs, apart from materials

Additionally, if any of these coveted recipes will be found on the AH, members of the guild will be asked to poll in the gold in order to acquire them, under the promise of receiving back their invested gold. Profits made from selling items from this recipe will be forwarded to the guild bank and used to purchase necessary consumables for every raider (e.g. Fire Protection Potions). This will not be a mandatory requirement and we will be diligent in forwarding and exercising this request.

World Boss Attendance - All members who are of either PvE or PvP ranks will be expected to drop whatever in-game activity they are doing and attend World Bosses if we have a confirmed spawn and a call to arms has been made. Socials will not be compelled to attend, though their participation will be encouraged. - If there is a good reason to be late on the attendance (such as being deep into a dungeon) then it might be excusable so long as it is not habitual. Failure to attend will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Streaming - No streaming of any active World-PvP raids under any circumstances - Non-WPvP streaming is fine so long the guild/raid/party/whisper chat as well as the Discord chat is censored

- No voice communications of the raids

- No sensitive information leaks (including summoning areas, exact time and date of raids, pre-raid preparations, location of other raids etc.) Videos

- Videos will follow the same streaming guidelines even if they are posted after an event has happened - Our intention is to have fewer videos of greater quality which the guild can advertise and support on various platforms instead of a dozen low-effort recordings

- Efforts will be made to recruit video editors and relay any recorded footage of the raids to them for editing

- Before publishing, Overseers and Guild Masters should be able to check if the videos aren't releasing any sensitive information Stress Test - Operation: Krontardation has begun. More details in the Discord channel.