• Nymis

Guild Report#2

Below is a summary of all the guild matters discussed on 17/8/2019

Server selection

  • After careful consideration, we've decided to stay on Shazrrah EU for the time being

  • We will continue to work on increasing our standing and recruitment on the server

Discord changes

  • We have decided to take an initial step in purging the inactive accounts on our server

  • A new bot will be used to assign class roles as well as a new temporary "Acolyte" role for players who are still interested in joining us

  • Inactives will be purged on the 26'th of August

  • Officers will receive permission to pin and delete messages

Loot Council spreadsheets

  • We have received permission to use the Mk. Ultra spreadsheets for our guild

  • These spreadsheets will be entrusted to a few select Officers and will begin being filled roughly a few weeks into the server's launch