• Nymis

Kor Kron Assassins

We are pleased to announce our new and exciting take on World-PvP with a brand new service! Starting tomorrow, members of Kor Kron Elite will be able to sign up for contracts to kill Alliance members.

For Kor Kron Elite members: Simply go to our #contracts channel on Discord and take the first contract that's available. Contracts will work on a first come, first serve basis. Atreshj and Poach will be in charge of advertising this service on the Alliance side and posting the announcements in the #contracts channel. After you announce your intention to fulfill that contract, you must then honor it and submit a timestamped screenshot of your deed to him in private messages. He will then relay this proof to the source and collect the gold on your behalf. For Alliance players interested in this service: Please contact Kkemessenger or Kke by whispers or in-game mail and specify the chatacter(s)/guild you would like to see killed and also provide us with the time/duration for the contract. We will relay the screenshots to you as proof of us fulfilling our contract. Because we value your privacy and don't really care who we're ganking or why, we will not disclose your intentions to anyone and we will ensure that your only contact will be through Kkemessenger - not even our own members will know who hired us. For maximum results, we advise giving us as ample time in order to make the announcement and gather the necessary players for it but we will do our best to fulfill a contract even on a short notice. For guild ganks, we will provide video clips of the gank as proof. Keep in mind that the price listed only covers the service of having 40 members run into the target raid and using PvP consumables to try and kill as many players as possible. The success rate of our operations will vary depending on the guild we'll be targeting as well as many other factors (including time, location, nearby Alliance players etc.), but we have been up to these sort of tasks for quite some time now and we're confident we'll be able to provide a satisfactory result. Here are just a few examples of guild ganks we've done in the past: - Midlife Crisis

- Rewind - Mai Dire Maul - No Plan B - Strange Behaviour - Booty Baywatch - inside BRM - outside BRM - outside the Menethil boat ...and many more.

We reserve the right to refuse any contracts for any particular reason and you will be notified via whispers or in-game mail by our Alliance contact as soon as possible to inform you of our decision. Our services are priced as follows: - single player gank + 1 respawn: 30g - single player gank for 1 hour: 100g - guild gank: 400g The prices are subject to change as demand for this service increases. For the time being, we're simply aiming to cover the cost of our consumables and test our service.