• Nymis

Opening moves

Under the enormous queues ahead, the Kor Kron plan their first moves on the server

We wanted to take time and reach you about some of the improvements and upcoming raids now that the server is out and our guild has been established in the game.

Firemaw EU: Bishop to B5, Spanish Opening

In no particular order, I'll delve into what we are planning for the next 1-2 weeks as well as what we've already implemented as a result of the feedback we've received so far. Verification system In order to weed out the inactive and spies in our guild, we will require that all members submit themselves to a verification process. The details of the verification system will be specified in the game only and I would like to ask all player to refrain from discussing details of it outside the channel. Due to the long queues the server, we will host a grace period of 2 weeks starting today. During this grace period, the server will remain open and largely unchanged in order to facilitate communication in our amazing community and not hinder our dungeon leveling groups. Anyone not verified by the end of those 2 weeks is going to be kicked from the server. We've also noticed a lot of players have different in-game names than they do on Discord. Please observe Rule#1 and make sure that all of your in-game names match your Discord names or else we won't be able to verify you and you will be kicked. Cross guild Molten Core raid There are plans on the server to organize a cross-guild early Molten Core raid. Any player who is thinks he/she will be capable of reaching level 60 in the next 4-5 days should contact me so I can relay the request further. As of this moment, I have no guarantees and no promises over any loot system or spots so take this with a grain of sand. Our first WPvP raid I'm also glad to announce our first World-PvP raid taking place on the server this week on Sunday sometime in the afternoon. Players wishing to attend should queue up as early in the day as they can. I urge all players to level as much as they can until then, exact details will be revealed on the day of the raid. Any class, any level and any spec is invited to join. This will the first of many Kor Kron only events which will count towards your role as Enforcer and all members wishing to attend must be on voice chat in Discord. Recruitment During the process of purging inactive accounts, we've disabled invite privileges. Officers will be tasked with recruitment and invite privileges will be restored to them. If you'd like to get your friends to join the game, please refer them to join our guild in-game by whispering or messaging any one of our Officers. We don't want invite links to be freely flowing around for no good reason. Name change We decided to opt in for "Kor Kron" instead of "Kor Kron Vanguard" because it's a lot shorter and players seemed to prefer this alternative. It's also how all of the server seems to refer to us anyway, so it made sense for us to stop insisting on adding a third name to "Kor Kron". Changes on the website and Discord server have been made to address this change, but if you do happen to see any mention of "Kor Kron Vanguard" anywhere please let us know, know that it is one and the same as "Kor Kron". This change is purely cosmetic and doesn't reflect any change in leadership, direction or anything substantial. Discord improvements To answer those who've been wondering what's been going on on Discord, here's a rundown of some of the changes:

  • #notices was purged of old announcements, you can now start reading it again

  • #in-queue was added so that people could all talk about their queues separately

  • #role-assign was added so you can assign yourselves class and profession roles

  • #feedback and #questions was text channels were opened under the "Guild Management" category

We'll use #feedback to consult with the community on simple yes/no matters every now and then and #questions for you to ask relevant and important matters in regards to guild management, raiding etc. safely outside of our own barrens chat.

I would also like to remind people that these roles are consultative and that the reacts do not necessarily represent the number of players of a particular class in our guild. We are also not going to be giving players different class colors because, coupled with our intricate management and activity roles system, we would turn the chat into a soup of colors which is going to make things very confusing for everyone. Stay strong in the queues and press onward!