• Nymis

Operation: Krontardation

Here's the plan:

  • Everyone rolls an Orc Hunter

  • Our preferred pronouns will be "zug" and "zug zug"

  • Everyone will tame boars which shall be named "Alliance"

  • Every name will start with "Kor-"

  • Our talent build is going to be 0/3/3

  • List of all approved BiS items, consumables is here

  • Everyone has ~24 hours to get to level 15, level up First Aid with Cooking, and farm as much as possible for yourselves and for your fellow guild members (so take Skinning, Mining, Herbalism etc. if you're not crafting)

  • Members responsible with Alchemy, Enchanting and Engineering will be tagged in the Discord channel

  • We will organize a raid on Redridge and Duskwood tomorrow towards the end of the stress test

There is absolutely no guarantee that we will succeed. Expect the servers to go down a lot and don't worry if you're not able to make it to this stress test. We have no idea for how long the servers are going to be up. We have no idea how bad layering is going to work against us. However, we are determined to try and make this work. In addition to that, keep in mind that the overall goal of this stress test for us is to advertise our guild and recruit more members. If we manage to do that and kill a lot of Alliance players on top of it, we will consider this operation to be a success. Hope to see all zug-zugs in the game soon!