I have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions but if there are any other questions or any clarifications you might want to know about before deciding to join our guild, please do not hesitate to contact me on Discord.

More on that on our About Us page. 


Can I sign up for your future raid roster?


Unfortunately, we are not allowing for people to sign up for any raiding roster as of yet. The reason for this is simple: anyone can claim anything now and decide to change their mind later because it doesn't cost them anything to do so. It would be unfair to say no to people who might genuinely want to play with us and actually stick to their commitments because someone else called dibs on that spot 6 months ahead of time.

How can I get a spot on the raid team?


Our plan is to enter Molten Core within 2 months after the game launches. We are only signing level 60 players to our raid roster, so if you can get to max level within that period of time, you are free to claim any spot you want. Keep in mind that claiming a spot does not guarantee the fact that you will always have a raiding spot on our team. 

For those who haven't played on private servers in a while it might seem like an unreasonable pace, but it's really not. The average time to level to 60 is about 7-8 days of /played time, and we've taken into account the fact that we will be running dungeons together for some pre-raid BiS items and we will be doing some WPvP raids which will be taking some time away from leveling. 


What if I can't get to level 60 in time?


Don't worry if you don't manage to get to level 60 in time! This soft deadline is there to try and give people a guild objective and to try to keep everyone on par. Without it, what tends to happen is that we end up with one half of the guild way ahead of the other half - and if the other half isn't able to pick up the pace after a while, they leave for other raiding guilds and we lose our best raiders. 

If we ultimately end up with a lot of level 60s looking to raid, having a 2nd raid team or doing joint raids with other guilds is definitely a possibility we are considering. We have experience raiding with other guilds in the past and we will do our best to make sure you have a place to raid.

Are you signing up niche specs?


That's a bit of a tricky question, but the short answer is: it depends. We are by no means a hardcore guild trying to min/max everything, but at the same time we are looking to clear content at a reasonable and consistent pace. For the first approach into Molten Core and Onyxia, we are going to use a more traditional approach and demand that people play their best raiding spec for that role. 

That is not to say that we will not have niche specs at start! However, the whole raid will need a good and factual argument as to why we should allow a certain player to play a spec which might not benefit the raid as a whole as much as it normally would. A good example of this would be a Feral Druid - which we will definitely need to have since I need at least one to tank for us in WPvP, is definitely capable of swapping between damage dealing and off-tanking mid-raid and there are videos showcasing some advantages Druids have over Warrior on tanking some fights. However, I am not sure I could justify allowing a Priest to spec into Shadow if the Warlocks we have won't do enough damage to justify this. 

In short - numbers are your best friend. If you can bring me (or your Class Lead) some argument as to why it would benefit us as a raid group to have you spec something different, I'll be more than happy to oblige. Regurgitated opinions off Reddit as to why we "need" a Shadow Priest, or an Enhancement Shaman with Nightfall, and so forth - do not interest me. What I need more than anything is an actual argument pertaining to our raid group, our DPS, our roster etc. 


Why can't you accept people playing niche specs for fun despite their lower DPS?


You have to understand first and foremost that asking people to play their best raiding spec is not min/maxing. Playing your best raiding spec while also farming gold to buy your BiS epics off the AH, always having all of the best consumables on you, crafted items, buffs etc. is min/maxing.

Second, when it comes to organizing raids and guilds there is more to this than numbers. A lot of players will have to put up with things they might not want to put up for the good of the raid. If we as a group fail, players will look to blame the weakest link in the group - which may or may not be justified. If players don't understand or acknowledge why you are important to the raid group, they will begin to shift the blame on you. If I keep allowing you to join and things keep going bad, they will begin to shift the blame on me. 

We understand that you want to have fun in this game. It's alright to not top the DPS/HPS charts because of your lack of skill or time investment in this game, as both those issues can be addressed. However, if you're falling behind because you care more about having fun than being useful to the raid group, you'll have to come up with a better reason as to why you should be part of the raid group. Raiding is not a right, it's a privilege - and you have to keep in mind that there are at least 39 other people out there who are all investing time, effort and are ultimately depending on each other. 


What can I do to raid as a niche spec?


I would advise you to first and foremost play for your class and not for your spec. We might not have Shadow Priests for the first phases of content, yet we will definitely look into this possibility later on as Warlocks will begin to scale better in terms of damage - so it will be expected of prospective Shadow Priests to play as healers for the time being.

That being said, the decision rests ultimately in the hands of your Class Leader. My job as a Raid Leader is to make sure your Class Leader isn't biased in his own favor and to agree with the decisions which benefit the raid group as a whole the most - however, this argument is not mine to make. I do not have the time, knowledge and experience to know every intricate detail of every spec and class.

If we decide to recruit a certain niche class, whether or not you will get appointed to that role will depend mostly on how reliable you are as a raider, how knowledgeable you are in terms of your class and how soon you can take over that role - so keep that in mind because that's what me and your Class Lead are going to be analyzing. 


How will you choose Class Leads?


UPDATE: We've done away with Class Leads for the time being. Instead, we are using Healing/DPS coordinators to manage our raid teams. The reason behind this decision lies with the fact that we've realized there wasn't really a need for Class Leads for certain classes which only have 2-3 representatives in a raid group and that a smaller team of coordinators is more effective at managing 2 raid groups than an entire crew of up to 20 people. 

That being said, we choose coordinators based on performance, trust, charisma and other factors. We are always open to suggestions and we have swapped underperforming Class Leads/coordinators in the past - so we're always open to putting egos aside for the sake of self-improvement. 

How will the Loot Council work?


The loot council will consist primarily of myself and the other Class Leads. We will look to distribute loot in the best interest of the guild, and I will personally provide an explanation to raid after each loot has been assigned. The guideline behind the decision making process will be regarded in the following order:

1) "Which class would benefit the most from this item?" - which will be asked and discussed among the Class Leads; it will be expected that every Class Lead should know each BiS item on every boss.
2) "Which member can actually take advantage from the upgrade?" - which will mainly be judged by glancing over the threat meters. If you're unreasonably high on the threat meters, we will be reluctant to give you an item which could literary kill you and wipe the whole raid. 
3) "Which member is capable of maximizing the potential of his currently equipped items?" - which will be mainly judged by the Class Leads appreciation based on your DPS and number of BiS items you have on you. 

If there is no clear argument in favor of any single person, then we will further consider only the players who actively PvP. Generally speaking, PvP items are awarded to the players with the highest rank in PvP whereas PvE items are judged independently over PvE performance. If an item is good for both PvE and PvP, then we generally favor PvE in terms of raiding, depending on the item. 

Finally, if we can't decide on further giving the loot to any single person, we will ask the remaining players to roll on the gear.  If there are items which nobody wants, they will be disenchanted and added to the guild bank.

Why not just use DKP?


The problem I have with DKP is that, at the end of the day, with the amount of effort you'd have to put into that system in order to make it work you might as well put it into refining your criteria and judgment for Loot Council. Even so, it would still be an inferior system to Loot Council given that corrective measures against unforeseen circumstances can only be accounted for a priori  in a DKP system whereas the Loot Council can and will always step in and apply as soon as unforeseen circumstances occur. In other words, if something unforeseen and undesirable happens, you have to oblige by the rules you've set in with DKP, whereas with Loot Council you can always step in and say "no, we won't do this, and here is why".

Even if you were to put your mind up to the task of designing a DKP system which:

a) adequately accounts for the value of each DKP eligible activity in terms with some objective quantifiable metric and records these activities flawlessly
b) provides an adequate minimum bid for each and every single item inside a raid proportional to that item's utility and rarity against arranged bids
c) counters DKP hoarding and inflation without punishing veterans
d) rewards a different number of DKP points for a different variety of raids progress (progress raids, farm raids, more difficult bosses etc.)
e) confers a motivating method of converting DKP points from one phase to another as more raids become available


You could still have undesirable situations where Warlocks are getting an Azuresong Mageblade over the mages even though they're doing DPS that's worse than a Hunter's pet in that current content phase. That situation might be fair from a DKP perspective and it might be fair from the Warlock's perspective, but it would definitely be a loss for the whole raid - whereas with Loot Council, I can step in and see if I can explain it to my fellow Warlocks that it's more important right now that we think as a raid group and less so about who can get which epic items first, that their patience and perseverance will not be forgotten and it will be their day in later content patches and onward where they will be favored over the mages on these matters. Or sometimes it's the other way around, and I will step in and say "Warlocks have received nothing in the past 2 months, let's allow this drop go to them this time around because otherwise I fear they might be leaving for other guilds soon". 

Even if they disagree with me, I believe that a genuine, human explanation is far better than a "it's just numbers, bro" excuse.

Can you tell me about raid times?


We are currently operating with two raid teams - one that raids on Monday 20:00 and another one that raids on Wednesday 19:00, both on server time. Neither raid team is above the other, both have very good players and roughly the same philosophy, clear times, etc.

What about players from different time zones?


We will look for ways to integrate them into our raiding schedule, however I hope that those who will be playing with us do understand that most of us will still have to own jobs or some sort of real life I guess and we can't just raid at odd hours. 

Will I have to bring consumables for every raid?


This is something we will have to discuss, debate and agree upon with the raiding roster before we attempt our first raids. We will definitely need to use consumables to maximize our raid stacking potential and have things work out smoothly - however, which classes are going to be using which consumables on which fights, how we will reward the players who do bring consumables, when and for how long we are going to demand mandatory consumables etc. will all depend on things we do not yet know about the Classic WoW raid instances. 

Are you looking to recruit other Raid Leaders?


Most definitely! I firmly believe that the fate of this guild should not lie solely in the hands of any one person. If something unexpected were to happen to me, I will take measures to ensure this guild can survive and function just as well without me being there. To that end, I am committed to find at least one other Raid Leader to help us progress through the PvE raids. I do not have a set of requirements to tell you right now, but I will be open to any proposition and potential within our ranks. 

UPDATE: As of right now, we have Raid Assistants and Raid Leaders on both raid teams working together. 



Are Raid Leaders the same as Commanders?


One thing I would like to clarify in regards to loot rules is that the Raid Leader will not be entrusted with neither the guild bank nor the master looter. That role belongs solely to the key administrative role within the guild (Commanders, followed by Overseers, followed by Officers).

Ideally, the Raid Leader's job on the Loot Council is to provide an insight into the best interest for the Raid team as a whole - whether more DPS/HPS would be desirable as an example. For now, I am both Commander and Raid Leader for this guild, but this can definitely change in the future and it is not a role.

Raid Leaders are not an administrative role, therefore they do not possess the ability to promote Trials, Raiders or even Class Leads de jure. Only the administration, represented by the Commander (or Overseers in his absence) may promote Trials, Raiders and Class Leads de facto. 

In short, Raid Leaders have the power to choose the raid team and every member in it, but it is up for the Administration to approve it. Similarly, the Raid Leader can advise and participate in the Loot Council, but he may not have the final say on item distribution. 

This is done in order to provide a balance of powers. Otherwise, a Raid Leader could promote a corrupt Class Leads and arrange arguments to funnel gear to a select few unchallenged - or, he could unfairly promote friends, family etc. to key positions in the raid without these being in the best interest of the guild. Similarly, a Commander (or Overseer) attempting to unfairly secure promotions for friends, family etc. would have a much harder time due to the fact that the Raid Leader has to agree to that particular roster and may, at any time, inform the raid that the decision to include a certain member was not his but was forced upon by the Administration for some ulterior motive, which can cause massive drama. 

The balance of power in terms of these decisions rests slightly in the hands of the Administrative part of the guild for two reasons.

One, that we as an Administration, have the most to lose if the decisions we make are bad. If a random Raid Leader (who is not a guild master) ninja loots or does something bad behind everyone's back, he'll be kicked, flamed and hated for a few weeks at best and after that it will be business as usual in a different guild. Sure, he might not be allowed to have anything to do with the loot decision process ever again, but there are many guilds who are going to accept a geared and decently skilled player despite his reputation - if that is even going to matter anymore. If I ninja loot anything, as a guild master, I lose everything. I lose years of planning and experience, the money I spent on this website, the effort I put into recruiting every single person in this guild and no epic is worth that price. 

Second, is that we as an Administration will have a better overview of the guild. A Raid Leader is not formally involved in the social matters of the guild, in the diplomacy of the guild, in the long-term goals and the World-PvP - but the Administration certainly is; we want the Raid Leader to maximize the potential for our guild in PvE, but the Administration, even with the utmost respect for the Raid Leader's capacity and function, has to be able to step in and overrule certain decisions which might otherwise be perfectly sane in PvE but could damage the guild as a whole on the long-run. These deviations and interventions will  have to be explained and answered for in front of a raid team, and I place my confidence that should they deviate too much, too often or too sudden from the wishes of the Raid Team, the Administration will lose any form of credibility and the guild will disband. 

For these two reasons I believe that the balance of powers should be rightfully shifted so, and I hope potential Raid Leaders will understand the need to separate these powers. Just as being a Class Leader does not make one an Officer, neither being a Raid Lead makes one a good Guild/Loot master.  



How do I become a Trial?


Get to level 60 and ask to make a formal application, we will fill you in on the details of where and how you should do that. If your application gets approved, you will be granted the Trial rank. How long you'll get to keep that rank will be judged by your Raid Leader, Class Leader and Commander. 


Do I still have to be active with other guild activities once I become a Trial?


Should you decide that raiding will be your one and only activity in our guild, you will not have to continue participating in other guild activities in order to remain in our guild. It will be expect of you, as a trial, to do your best in order to be promoted to a Raider and therefore your main activities will be centered around acquiring dungeon gear, consumables and whatever else you feel would benefit our guild.

However, if we do decide to remove the Trial rank and you do not have any other role/rank in our guild, you will be immediately kicked from our guild. This is done because of our rule that everyone must earn their place in this guild by participating in the guild activities. 


How can I become a Raider?


Just follow our guild rules, try to do your best, show up for raids - the usual. Don't get needy, greedy or stupid, do what your Class Lead tells you to do, complain in the proper channels and with a constructive attitude in mind. As a Commander, I'm more interested in you as a player - a Raid Leader will be more interested in you as an addition to our raid team - and your Class Lead will be interested in you as a player capable of doing your assignments. 

At the end of each week I will hold short meetings where we discuss potential promotions together. 


Are there plans to add Core Raider in the future?


The plan right now is to aim and have at least around 45 players able to enter MC, to have a bit of leisure in terms of seeing who's right for our team by switching Trials between raids - and, of course, in case anyone decides to leave us so that we may have replacements available. 

Within these 45 people I do expect that a core of raiders will eventually form out of the most dedicated, trustworthy and skillful players. These will be the kind of players who will still show up for a full raid even if they may only desire very few items - if any at all. The kind of players who will join our raids for the good of the team and will understand the need to gear other players, even those who are not dedicated veterans as they are.

I wholeheartedly believe that such players should be rewarded with priority in terms of loot when new content is released or when they actually need a single, specific, non-legendary item. Once we've done a few clears together and I see this core formed, I will add the Core Raider rank. For the time being, assume that Raider means Core Raider. 


What if there are too many players applying for a raid spot?


I have a number of viable solutions in mind. My current plan is to form a second raid team should we end up with more than 60 potential raiders 2 months after the game has launches. With anything less, I will attempt to organize a joint raiding schedule with another guild - which is something I have done in the past and have experience organizing it. Priority for the main raid will go to whoever gets to 60 first and acquires the most number of pre-raid BiS items.

Whatever happens, I will do my best to make sure that everyone who wants to raid will get a chance to raid. 


Do you plan on raiding with other guilds?


Not unless I have to, no. I will do it if I don't have enough raiders to organize a second raid team, but make no mistake - this is no easy task to organize. It's not just about leading those raids, but it's about which guilds gets which number of spots, how to split the loot, how to prevent poaching on both sides, how to deal with players no doing a good performance, so on and so forth. It takes hours and hours of discussion, much like everything I've discussed on this page times two.


What about World Bosses?


I cannot disclose the full details of how I intend to tackle that, but it is safe to say that we will be contesting world bosses. 


Will you have a guild bank for materials?


Absolutely. I will keep public tabs on all the items and gold on that character. We haven't yet decided which materials we are going to keep and use to gear up certain raiders and which materials we are going to sell (either at the AH and/or to guild members at a discount) but we will do our best to split that loot fairly.


How will you decide who gets Sulfuras (and other such items)?


It hasn't been decided yet, but it will definitely have to go to someone who can afford the materials. We can sell the materials at a discount to guild mates, but we are not funneling thousands of gold worth of items on the AH to any particular guild member because we have no assurances that it would be a sure investment which would benefit the raid on the long run. Legendary items will be treated on a case-by-case basis.


Are you currently playing on any private servers?


No, I've stopped playing for quite some time. There still might be some players who are active in some off-shot guild somewhere, but ever since the Blizzcon announcement I've been advising everyone to sort out their real life business so they can become more committed when Classic WoW comes out, and I've been living up to that advice myself.