We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions but if there are any other questions or any clarifications you might want to know about before deciding to join our guild, please do not hesitate to contact me on Discord.

More on that on our About Us page. 


How can I sign up for the raids?


Whether you are raid-ready or plan on raiding in the future, please refer to any of our Officers in-game or on Discord to sign-up for our raids.

What's the difference between the two raid teams?


In the past, we have tried to to balance our two raid teams so that both of them could raid on equal footing. In time, however, we decided to give up on this approach and seek to form a more progression oriented team with more requirements, clear objectives and more thorough approach to raiding. 


Raid Moon will aim to clear MC and BWL on two separate days and generally raids Monday 20:00.
They do no have to pay tax or bring consumables, the atmosphere is a little more relaxed. The roster will often vary from week to week according to people's availability - which makes it a perfect environment for players who have limited time on their hands and don't have PvE as their focus in the game. 

Raid Cross will aim to clear MC and BWL on the same day and generally raids Wednesday 20:00.
For this raid, consumables (except flasks) are mandatory, the atmosphere is often progression oriented and they will be asked to attend meetings and discussions to review their performance whenever that is needed. Mandatory attendance (outside of exceptional circumstances) and a stable roster will be desired in order to allow us to delve into logs and improve our performance as a team.


Can I join raid cross as a new raider?


Most likely not on your first raid. 


If you're the kind of raider that we would like to have on Raid Cross, then there are two things we are going to be looking for - first, your ability to parse and do your job well within our raid, and second is your ability to tune in with the other players, work on solutions instead of venting frustration and blaming others. We don't want special snowflakes, divas and anything of the sorts in Raid Cross.

Are you signing up niche specs?


That's a bit of a tricky question, but the short answer is: it depends. We are by no means a hardcore guild trying to min/max everything, but at the same time we are looking to clear content at a reasonable and consistent pace. If there is a solid argument and we can find the time and place to allow them, we most certainly will - but it is expected that, should the raid need a druid to heal or a priest to heal for a fight, then they will comply for the benefit of the raid.

We are currently running both enchancement shamans and shadow priests in both raids. 



Are you a speedrunning guild?

No, our guild doesn't do speedruns - however, on Raid Cross we do try to push better and better times so that we can complete MC and BWL on the same night. Once we've gotten to a comfortable clear time without the use of too many consumables, we usually just sit back and enjoy the ride. 



How will you choose Class Leads?

We've done away with Class Leads for the time being. Instead, we are using Healing/DPS coordinators to manage our raid teams. The reason behind this decision lies with the fact that we've realized there wasn't really a need for Class Leads for certain classes which only have 2-3 representatives in a raid group and that a smaller team of coordinators is more effective at managing 2 raid groups than an entire crew of up to 20 people. 

That being said, we choose coordinators based on performance, trust, charisma and other factors. We are always open to suggestions and we have swapped under-performing Class Leads/coordinators in the past - so we're always open to putting egos aside for the sake of self-improvement. 

How does the Loot Council work?


The loot council will consist primarily of myself and the other Class Leads. We will look to distribute loot in the best interest of the guild, and we will provide an explanation to raid after each loot has been assigned if any raider asks about it.

The guideline behind the decision making process will be regarded in the following order:

1) "Which class would benefit the most from this item?" - which will be asked and discussed among the Coordinators on the Loot Council.
2) "Which member can actually take advantage from the upgrade?" - which will mainly be judged by glancing over the threat meters and your currently equipped items.
3) "Which member is capable of maximizing the potential of his currently equipped items?" - which will be mainly judged by the logs and activities you're performing in the guild (e.g. PvP).

If there is no clear argument in favor of any single person, then we will further consider only the players who actively PvP.

Generally speaking, PvP items are awarded to the players with the highest rank in PvP whereas PvE items are judged independently over PvE performance. If an item is good for both PvE and PvP, then we generally favor PvE in terms of raiding. 

Finally, if we can't decide on further giving the loot to any single person, we will ask the remaining players to roll on the gear.  If there are items which nobody wants, they will be disenchanted and added to the guild bank.

Why not just use DKP?

"The problem I have with DKP is that, at the end of the day, with the amount of effort you'd have to put into that system in order to make it work you might as well put it into refining your criteria and judgment for Loot Council. Even so, it would still be an inferior system to Loot Council given that corrective measures against unforeseen circumstances can only be accounted for a priori  in a DKP system whereas the Loot Council can and will always step in and apply as soon as unforeseen circumstances occur. In other words, if something unforeseen and undesirable happens, you have to oblige by the rules you've set in with DKP, whereas with Loot Council you can always step in and say "no, we won't do this, and here is why".

Even if you were to put your mind up to the task of designing a DKP system which:

a) adequately accounts for the value of each DKP eligible activity in terms with some objective quantifiable metric and records these activities flawlessly
b) provides an adequate minimum bid for each and every single item inside a raid proportional to that item's utility and rarity against arranged bids
c) counters DKP hoarding and inflation without punishing veterans
d) rewards a different number of DKP points for a different variety of raids progress (progress raids, farm raids, more difficult bosses etc.)
e) confers a motivating method of converting DKP points from one phase to another as more raids become available


You could still have undesirable situations where Warlocks are getting an Azuresong Mageblade over the mages even though they're doing DPS that's worse than a Hunter's pet in that current content phase. That situation might be fair from a DKP perspective and it might be fair from the Warlock's perspective, but it would definitely be a loss for the whole raid - whereas with Loot Council, I can step in and see if I can explain it to my fellow Warlocks that it's more important right now that we think as a raid group and less so about who can get which epic items first, that their patience and perseverance will not be forgotten and it will be their day in later content patches and onward where they will be favored over the mages on these matters. Or sometimes it's the other way around, and I will step in and say "Warlocks have received nothing in the past 2 months, let's allow this drop go to them this time around because otherwise I fear they might be leaving for other guilds soon". 

Even if they disagree with me, I believe that a genuine, human explanation is far better than a "it's just numbers, bro" excuse." - Nymis


How does the guild bank and taxes work?

We send all the materials and valuable items to our guild bank and distribute them to other members depending on the guild's needs and priorities. All raiders are able to request items from the guild bank and 95% of all requests have been delivered so far. A more detailed explanation will be provided on our Discord server. 

Raid Cross pays a weekly tax (10g currently) to the guild bank in order to fund different purchases in the interest of the guild, including but not limited to:

- Black Lotuses for future use, due to the AH is low on materials and the prices will go very high in the future
- Arcanite Bars to loan to future Thunderfury and Sulfuras crafters so they can PvP with their items now and worry about payment later
- utility items such as Anihilator and Nightfall 
- expensive items and crafts for our tanks and melee DPS (e.g. Lionheart Helm)
- repair bots and enchanting materials
- disaster recovery purchases (e.g. gearing up a new tank to replace an emergency drop-out, purchasing respecs for the Mages who are asked to respect to WC for a raid only etc.)


How will you decide who gets Sulfuras (and other such items)?

Generally, these items have gone to those players who could afford the materials. As a guild, we generally provide Sulfuron Ingots at a reduced price and the ability to loan Arcanite Bars in order to speed up the crafting process. s