These rules are fairly strict and we will ban you if you break them.


Everyone gets on Discord.

Your Discord name must match the name of your in-game name. This is non-negotiable. We don't need you to talk, we just need you to listen and maybe type a message once in a while. If you can't do that, you can't be part of our guild.


Don't be a retard. 

This includes: extreme trolls, racists, SJWs, stalkers, nationalists, edgelords, incels, neckbeards, /b/tards, redditards, feminazis, elitist tryhards, casual circlejerkers, the easily offended, the hardcore offenders, keyboard turners, people who don't get on Discord etc.


Don't cheat.

You will not exploit, sell gold, advertise or encourage breaking Blizzard's ToS, etc.


Don't advertise anything not related to our guild.

Ask before you send any links to: petitions, soundclouds, mixtapes, donations, art projects, other Discord servers and so forth. 



Don't share graphic content.

Mostly no gore and porn. 


Do not give any orders or commands over voice during raids unless specifically allowed.

You're encouraged to voice your opinions about the raid either when asked to or in private, never during the actual encounter. 


Don't ninja loot any items. 

If we receive any proof beyond any doubt that you've done that, you're getting kicked out of our guild.


Be active and commit to your role in our guild. 

If there is any period of upcoming inactivity in your life, let us know beforehand. Otherwise, we will purge all inactive members every 2 weeks.


Always defend your guild mates.

If you see your guild mates fighting the Alliance, you join them and kill the Alliance.


Do not disclose private information in the public channels. 

What is being discussed on our text channels has to stay there.


These guidelines are not very strict but you still can be banned if you break them, so please observe them.

AKA - Always kill Allies

No cross-faction collaboration. Don't make friends with the enemy against the interest of the guild. 


Be better than those around you

If you have any idea on how we could run things better, please tell us.  If you think you can do a better job than your Officers, please do it.


Don't discuss politics

You're not going to convince anyone of anything. No one's going to change their mind on anything over a conversation in Warcraft. 


Don't beg for roles

We're not forgetting anyone. Don't ask for management roles, don't beg for raid spots, don't ask about promotions. You're less likely to get it that way.


No language but English

It's fine to say a phrase or two every now and then, but don't start going full blown Frengliswedinnishanian as soon as you meet a co-national.


Don't be afraid to disagree

It's fine to disagree so long you're doing it in the appropriate channels.



Don't form cliques

If you have an issue, please address it directly with us. Don't form cliques and inner circles to promote senseless drama.


More to be added...

I'll let you know if there are going to be more things added in the future.




 These rules are fairly strict and we will ban you if you break them.

 If you are not sure whether your videos contain sensitive information or not, show them to the Guild Master or Overseers for approval before submitting them


Don't stream World-PvP raids, activities etc. 


Censor guild/raid/party/whisper chat and Discord chat. 



Don't flood the internet with low effort videos of our raids.

Instead, try to work with others to create good montages and quality videos worth sharing. 


No voice communications in your videos.


It's alright to interact with your viewers, it's not okay to stream/film us talking without prior approval from the Guild Master and Overseer.


Don't film sensitive information.

This includes summoning locations, exact time and date of the raids start, location of any secondary raids, pre-raid preparations etc.