I have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions but if there are any other questions or any clarifications you might want to know about before deciding to join our guild, please do not hesitate to contact me on Discord.

More on that on our About Us page. 


Do I need any previous experience to join WPvP raids?

No. The only thing I'll need you to do is to show up on time and be on Discord. If there are any special assignments I will need you to do, I will let you know beforehand and will explain in detail what you will need to do. All tactics will be explained on the spot. I do recommend looking over my structured WPvP guide to get a feel of what these raids are like and what your class will generally be expected to do. 

Do I need to have a PvP spec to join WPvP raids?

No. I am perfectly fine working with everyone's PvE raiding/leveling spec.  

What do I have to do in order to obtain the Enforcer rank?

You need to attend 3 out of 4 of our major WPvP raids. I will not count one leave of absence if you announce it before the raid, but definitely no more than one every 4 raids so you will at least have to attend half those WPvP raids we will be organizing in order to keep your rank. Keep in mind that if Enforcer is the only rank you have and you lose it, you will be immediately kicked out of the guild as per our rules.

Are there any perks to having the Enforcer rank?

A minor advantage sometimes when distributing loot in raids. Other than that, you earn a place in the guild if you're not really interested in the other activities.

What are WPvP raids like?

Very memorable. I've written a detailed and beginner friendly guide on managing structured WPvP raids right here. You'll find out more about these raids answered there, including how they are organized, what their purpose is, different tactics, class reviews and useful abilities, and so forth.

Aren't you worried that Alliance players might be spying on you?

I'm sure of it, and whatever information they can collect off this website, my guide or my Discord channel so far is trivial and useless in my opinion.
Of course, I will take measures against spies in the future to prevent sensible information from leaking out, but them knowing the general principle behind how I organize my raids doesn't mean anything if they can't really do anything about it - and for every plan out there I do have a backup in case they manage to pull anything, so it's really no big deal for me. 

What is the end goal of this? What are you hoping to achieve?

Total world domination, vengeance for the Forsaken, glory to the Horde etc. - but most of all, a legacy in World of Warcraft. The game designers never intended for us to take open-world PvP this serious and I say we prove them wrong. There are almost no resources and guides out there for what we are doing here, so to me this is also an opportunity to explore new things about the game and make a contribution. 

How can I contribute?

Level up quickly and join our major WPvP raids. Try and take Engineering. Level up a Warlock alt to level 20. Step into PvE and get yourself some good gear.
I will have more specific instructions and advice later on as we progress into the game.

How will you handle DHKs?

Given that during Phase 1 of content there will be no DHKs, we will seek to map out all the Civilians around the areas where we will be doing most of our raids in order to try and avoid them during Phase 2. Even with those precautions in mind, I still advise all our serious PvP rankers to step out of the raid when joining our WPvP raid and just use the same marks on myself and other key players while following us around. 

Are you going to do BGs?

For most of us, we are probably going to step into AV to get the Exalted reputations and farm most of our Honor in the open world. 
In terms of PvP for the purpose of ranking and attending premade BGs, we have two separate ranks for that called Elite and Elite General.

What are the Elite and Elite General ranks?


These are the ranks of players who are going to be actively ranking within our guild. In order to obtain them, players will have to earn Rank 6 minimum, have Engineering as one of their professions and have the appropriate talents for PvP when attending guild premades. The Elite General is their designated shot-caller whom the Elites will designate on their own with minimal intervention from my side. Keep in mind that players wishing to earn these ranks will still have to earn their WPvP rank by attending 3/4 major WPvP raids. 

As an incentive, any Elite or Elite General attending PvE raids will have priority on items which have no use for raiders in PvE and may have good potential in PvP.  Players with the Elite / Elite General rank will still be expected to have PvE talents and gear equipped when attending these raids and will be treated as normal raiders in all other matters. The list of items will be up for debate and available for everyone to see beforehand.